United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in Europe and the fifth largest economy worldwide. UK is also one of the most dynamic markets for e-commerce, with more than 50% of the total retail sales are occurring online and with 82% of the adult population had shopped online during the previous year (official). Basically, UK  is one of the most technologically advanced, with the second high internet penetration rate across Europe and also the fourth rank across Europe according the Technological Readiness Index (World Economic Forum).


Key Findings of the Digital Opportunity and e-Commerce in the UK Report, 2019

  • Virtually all adults aged 16 to 44 years in the UK were recent internet users (99%) in 2019; considering the whole UK  adult population the rate becomes 91% of them had recently used the internet.
  • 82% of UK adult population had bought goods or services online in the last 12 months.
  • UK is ranked the 4th worldwide in terms of B2C eCommerce readiness index (UNCTAD).
  • There has been a sharp rise in e-commerce sales (businesses with 10 employees or more) during the recent years, 2017 alone witnessed a growth of 16%; this is the largest growth since 2011.
  • 34% of online shoppers are making online purchases eleven times or more in a typical three months.
  • Clothe and/or sport goods are the top category ordered (75% of online shoppers) followed by household goods (65% of online shoppers).
  • “Trying items before buying” is the main online shopping barrier with a rate of 47%.
  • 48% of online shoppers are searching and browsing for products on mobile tablets.
  • 36% of online shoppers are annoyed from the offers for products that they have it already.
  • 37% of online shoppers like receiving ads if they can get better discounts.
  • 42% of online shoppers are concerned about companies that sells personal data without consent.
  • 65% of online shoppers are making purchases because of a promotional mail.
  • “Rewards, discounts or gifts” is the top reason for brands advocacy with a rate of 52%.
  • 60%  of online shoppers are shopping fro domestic websites; while only 4% shop from across-border websites.
  • 52% of online shoppers are paying for their online purchases with cards.